Who owns this site?
I, Ariane, own Jeri Ryan Online and I’m also the admin. Zsazsa was on the staff and helped a lot with the site in 2008-2010.

Are you in any way affiliated with Jeri Ryan herself?
No, I am not. Jeri Ryan Online is an unofficial fansite, in no way affiliated with Jeri Ryan herself. All e-mails coming to me that are directed to Ms Ryan will be deleted as no matter how much I’d like, I cannot help you with contacting her.

Do you get paid for this site?
Not at all. I do this to purely show appreciation, pay tribute to a wonderful actress and because I love doing this.

Is this Jeri Ryan’s official site?
No, it isn’t. Ms Ryan doesn’t currently have an official site. She is on Twitter however.

Ms Ryan used to have an official website at jerilynn.com back in the late 90s/early 00s but it was closed down years ago.

 A brief history of the site?
I first started Jeri Ryan Online – originally Designation: Seven of Nine – in 1997. At first, for many years, I hosted the site on many different freehosts, then in approx. 2003 I bought my first domain + web space – landofdreams.net, later crystalfires.net – and this site was hosted in a subdomain of that first domain of mine, and then after that in a sub-dmain of crystalfires.net.

In September 2007, I bought jeri-ryan.net.

In August 2010, I renamed the site from Designation: Seven Of Nine to Jeri Ryan Online.

In June 2021, I Heart Jeri Ryan (jeri-ryan.com), owned by Claudia, was merged with this site. I try to mark any images and albums from Claudia’s site with “I Heart Jeri Ryan” in the album description and the filename. Thank you very much to Claudia for offering the content to me instead of deleting it!

Can I contribute articles, news, facts, quotes, photos to the site, or help you out in any ways?
I love it when people help me out! You can help out in the form of donations, which is anything from wallpapers to screencaps and all original artwork. Please contact me and you will receive full credit and my gratitude.

Can I use your pictures?
Feel free to use our pictures, wallpapers and icons for personal use. You can freely save them, print them out and decorate your walls with them.

If you want to use an image or few on your own site, please e-mail me first; I am most likely to say yes, if you will give me proper credit.

Interview with the staff of Jeri Ryan Online:


1. What is your favorite Jeri film or her best work in a film?

I became a fan immediately after seeing her first Dark Skies episode, and her Juliet Stuart is still a best favorite of mine. I also enjoyed Seven Of Nine a lot, and I love seeing her in the role of Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Kate Murhpy in the tv series Body Of Proof.

2. When did you become Jeri fan?

Back in early 1997, when Finnish tv aired Dark Skies.

3. Why do you love Jeri?

She seems to be a down-to-earth type of person and I love it that she has other interests than Hollywood and acting. And she has a gorgeous smile 🙂

4. Favorite Jeri pictures?

Too many to count… 🙂

(staff 2008-2010):

1. What is your favorite Jeri film or her best work in a film?

Umph… hard to choose. Shark and Voyager definitely are the highest on my list (and I yet have to see quite a few of her stuff).

2. When did you become Jeri fan?

I actually discovered Jeri through Shark in 2007. That got me interested and then I watched Voyager… and I was very impressed. I also caught up on all the Shark episodes and all that definitely won me over.

3. Why do you love Jeri?

Obviously because she’s an incredible actress. Although I discovered her late, seeing such a sharp contrast between characters like Jessica (on Shark) and Seven of Nine (on Voyager) would blow everyone’s socks off. These two characters are on the two different ends of a scale and that only shows the range of her abilities as an actress. I also read interviews with her and she’s so absolutely funny and seems like a truly enjoyable person. And being a dork as I am, I got a complete kick out of the fact that I share a birthday with her. 😀

4. Favorite Jeri pictures?

Check out the gallery! 😉


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