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FHM Photoshoot Footage from 2006

Jeri in FHM (2006)I’m sure you all remember Jeri’s FHM photoshoot from late 2006. 😉 In case you missed it though, you can now check out the photos in our gallery.

Video footage and a short interview from the actual photoshoot has also been added which you can download in zip format from our downloads page.

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Gallery update

I’ve uploaded 2 new HQ Star Trek Voyager promos, and 3 HQ pics from the 2003 FOX Winter Party to the gallery.

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New Affiliate

button_003.pngWe have a new affiliate! The site’s about prime time’s nr1 Crime Scene Investigator: Marg Helgenberger. Margamania. Check it out! 🙂 If you are an LJ user, you can find the site over there too.

If you want to be affiliated with us, don’t hesitate to submit your link here.

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Shark DVD Caps

Jeri laughing on the set of SharkAs my first update, let me point you to our gallery which has just been updated with DVD caps of Jeri from Shark’s Bloopers and Deleted Scenes. Both can be downloaded in video format as well but if you are looking for stills, you can check out the bloopers HERE and deleted scenes from the 1st season’s Backfire and Fashion Police can be found HERE. Enjoy! 🙂