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We’re back!

We’re now hosted by which is a relief – being a fansites host, they understand about having lots of screencaps and videoclips, and so now we don’t have to fear being deleted like happened with the other host!

All sections are back online, but both the gallery and message board are now members-only. The message board started from scracth, so everyone needs to reregister there, but the gallery information I was able to save and import, those of you who had registered will find your login details unchanged.

I’ve also taken recaptcha into use on various areas of the site, in hopes to keep out spammers. It’s been working beautifully for me as I’ve tested it, but if you trouble ie. registering in the forum because of the recaptcha, contact me via or directly at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to help.

We’ve added some news pics of Jeri attending the Boom Boom Room’s Children’s Gifting Wonderland

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Video clips

The video clips that were hosted in this server had to be deleted by our host’s request. I’m looking into other options. The videos I uploaded to YouTube work okay.

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Ortolan a HotSpot

OrtolanJeri and Christophe’s restaurant Ortolan made the top 10 celebrity-owned hot spots list recently posted on

7. Ortolan (Mid-City West) – “Celebrity chef Christophe Eme and his celebrity wife Jeri Ryan own this hot French spot. They keep the dining room so dark, they hand you a wee flashlight to read the menu. The food is fantastic, even if you can’t see it.”

For the full list visit:

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I’ve uploaded video clips from Dark Skies 1×12 The Warren Omission and 1×13 White Rabbit, and Star Trek Voyger 4×05 Revulsion.

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Gallery updated

I’ve uploaded DVD caps from the following:

Shark – 1×10 Sins Of The Mother and 1×15 Here Comes The Judge

Star Trek Voyager – 4×05 Revulsion