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There are two newsgroups dedicated to Ms Ryan, one of which I created. If your ISP doesn’t carry one of them you can ask them to add it; many ISPs won’t add a new newsgroup until their customers request it. If that fails, you can use a pay service such as Easynews or Newsguy.
    This is the old group, I don’t know who created it or when. If you want to talk about Jeri and her life and career go here.alt.binaries.jeri-ryan
    This is the one I started in May 1999. If you’re looking for pictures, video clips etc. this is the NG to go. Please read the Charter first to learn what is acceptable and what is not.CHARTER/POSTING GUIDELINES FOR ALT.BINARIES.JERI-RYAN

    – The charter/posting guidelines is archived at – This charter/posting guidelines will be posted to alt.binaries.jeri-ryan twice a month: around the 1st and the 15th.
    – Comments, additions and suggestions concerning the charter/posting guidelines should be posted to alt.binaries.jeri-ryan for discussion
    Dedicated to requesting and posting various binaries, including but not limited to pictures, sounds, fan made art (ie. wallpapers etc.) and video clips of actress Jeri Ryan as herself as well as in her various roles. Jeri Ryan made her break-through as the cool and sexy ex-borg Seven Of Nine in Star Trek Voyager who quickly became popular among the fans. She has created a world-wide fandom by her beauty,acting talents and kind character.

    Binaries related of Jeri Ryan, her life and career are considered on topic in this newsgroup. Posting of faked nude pictures of Ms Ryan and other such material is not accepted, nor is posting of get-rich-fast-schemes, spam or flames.


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