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New Body Of Proof Promos + Media Site Temporarily Closed

The Media Section is temporarily closed while I switched it over to WordPress. I hope to complete the conversion this weekend but should I run into any problems, it might take a little longer.

And, I have uploaded 2 new promos from Body Of Proof:


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We Have A New Name + New Look

I have renamed the site to Jeri Ryan Online – we’re still completely unofficial and have no contact with Jeri Ryan or her representatives what-so-ever. I still love the name Designation: Seven Of Nine but it’s long past over-dated, and I’ve been wanting the change the name for a while now and now’s as good a time as any.

We also have a new default WordPress theme up, shared by the talented Natalie of 2N-Design.Org. If you prefer the previous theme, scroll down the sidebar on the left and the last item there is the Theme Switcher. You can use it select another theme.

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Designation: Seven Of Nine Site Twitter

I made a Twitter account for this site which is automatically updated whenever a new post is made here… so if you’re on twitter a lot, that’s one of the fastest ways to find out when this site has been updated: Follow jeriryannet on Twitter

This post also acts as a test to see that the plugin that takes care of crossposting to Twitter works.

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Gallery Update

Gallery software has been upgraded, and I uploaded lots of new promos: Body of Proof, Leverage, Law & Order: SVU, Psych and Star Trek Voyager some of them old but new to this site or higher quality than the old ones. Easiest way to see them is “browse by date” (a new Coppermine feature):

Here’s some samples… the first three are Body Of Proof promos, and the rest Law & Order: SVU stills.


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Subdomains + New Jeri Project + Twitter + Gallery Downtime

The subdomains issue has been solved, and everything appears to be working again normally. Please let me know if you still have problems so I can look into them!

I have updated the Filmography page:

I’ll be upgading the gallery software later today; this one is be a big upgrade and there’s a slight possibility that something goes wrong because of all the behind-the-scenes changes so I’ll be putting the gallery in Maintenance Mode when I start until I’m sure all went well. I’ll open it again as soon as possible.

Looks like Jeri is now on Twitter: I’m not 100% sure it’s really her but I think so – but if it’s a fake, it’s a very good one!

Jeri will be starring in a movie called Dead Lines, which according to her tweets will be filmed in Montreal. According to to an article it is directed by Louis Bélanger, and will air in 2011 on The Movie Network, Movie Central and Super Écran. Copy of the article below:

Incendo Signs Up Louis Bélanger to Direct New Film

By Kristin Brzoznowski
Published: June 2, 2010

“We often emphasize the economic impact our productions have on the Canadian film industry,” added co-founder Stephen Greenberg. “More importantly our movies are seen around the world allowing us to showcase the talented creative production team that exists in Quebec.”

MONTREAL: Principal photography has begun on Incendo’s second film of 2010, Dead Lines, which will be directed by Louis Bélanger.

Dead Lines stars Jeri Ryan (Shark, Boston Public, The O.C.). The film will air in Canada in 2011 on The Movie Network, Movie Central and Super Écran. Josée Mauffette, Jean Bureau and Serge Denis will produce the film for Incendo. Executive producers are Stephen Greenberg and Jean Bureau.

Bélanger, one of Quebec’s most renowned directors and screenwriters, was named best director at the 1999 Jutra Awards for his film Post Mortem and his film Gaz Bar Blues won the 2003 Grand Jury Prize at the Montreal World Film Festival.

“Quebec filmmakers are highly skilled and talented and bring a tremendous amount of originality to our productions,” said Jean Bureau, Incendo co-founder. “Each individual brings their own personal touch to the Incendo thriller brand. Most of them had the opportunity to have worked in both television and film which makes their versatility a huge asset to the success of our movies.”