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Forum Upgrade & New Spam Prevention Mod

SMF has finally reached a stable version, and I have installed it :) Unfortunately the previous spam prevention mod hasn’t been updated to work with this stable version yet, so I had to install a different mod. If you experience any problems using the forum, whether it’s registering in or posting or anything, let me know at [email protected] and I’ll look for another solution!

Also, I think there’s a little problem with the theme on the new post page, the write box seems to continue beyond the right margin. I’ll look into it and in the meanwhile, just use <enter> to cut the line when you write and don’t see it anymore. It’ll can make the rows cut off oddly when viewing a post, but better that than write blind, I think. Clear your cache – that should solve it!

The navigation to other parts of the site is now available in the main menu at the top.

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I’m going on a hiatus, for reasons detailed here, until the end of March the very least but possibly until end of April even. I’ll still do any script updates and attend any server problems etc. should any crop up so that the site may stay open and working.  Should there be any huge Jeri news, I’ll post those too, but for all other updates the hiatus means that I update if I happen to feel like it at any given moment – which means updates happen a lot, or not at all. It’ll entirely depend on my mood.

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Poll – Which Screencap Set Is Better??

I have posted a poll asking Which Screencap Set Is Better?? over at my screencaps site. I’d appreciate it, if you could a take a moment to look at it and cast your opinion. The results will directly affect my screencapping of Star Trek Voyager/Seven Of Nine, and possibly other DVDs. Thanks!

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New Look!

Jeri Ryan Online now has a fabulous new look! 😀 It was made by the talented Tathy of Night&Day Design. I adore it, and I hope you like it too! 🙂