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Jeri Ryan Collider Interview

Collider posted a really nice interview with Jeri:

  • What’s her karaoke song
  • :50 How did she first get involved in the project
  • 2:05 Does she do a lot of action in the series
  • 2:20 How much was the action new for her (talks about how she might have been the only one not a trained fighter in the cast)
  • 3:45 An any point did she play Mortal Kombat to help get ready for the role
  • 4:40 Is she signed on for any more series or a movie
  • 5:05 What was it about the character and show that got her to sign on to Body of Proof on ABC

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Body Of Proof 1.02 Letting Go Video Clips

Video clips of the scenes with Jeri Ryan in Body Of Proof episode 1.02 Letting Go are up! Click the image below to go to the media site.

Screencaps will follow.

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Body Of Proof 1.01 Pilot Video Clips

I’ve uploaded video clips of the two scenes Jeri was in the pilot episode. Click the image to go to the media site.


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Media Site Closed For A Bit

I found an even easier way to do the media site using Coppermine and a few plugins, so I’m switching to it. The good news is that I don’t have to reupload any of the vids, just to install Coppermine, the plugins and then just reinsert the vids to the database. So it shouldn’t take more than today to complete the job. I’ll edit this post when it’s all done and open again.


EDIT: the media site is open again!