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Body Of Proof Premieres Today!

Don’t forget, Jeri’s new series Body Of Proof premieres today! 😀 It’s been a long wait, and I personally can’t wait to see her on the tv screen again! 😀 Hiatus or no hiatus, I’ll have screencaps and video clips as soon as I can!

Body Of Proof 1.01 Pilot (Air date: March 29, 2011)

A female jogger is found floating in the Schuylkill River. Dr. Megan Hunt teams up with her partner, medical investigator and former cop Peter Dunlop, under the watchful eye of their boss, Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Kate Murphey, who is very aware of Megan’s gifted but polarizing work style. Megan’s colleagues, Dr. Ethan Gross and Deputy Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Curtis Brumfield, must find their own way to work alongside the new medical examiner. Megan’s investigation takes her out in the field where she meets old-school cop Detective Bud Morris, who is exasperated by Megan’s tenacity and bull-headedness. But his partner, Detective Samantha Baker, possesses a quiet respect for Megan’s input, even if Morris doesn’t. Meanwhile, as she’s is trying to solve the female jogger’s death, Megan has to solve a personal puzzle of her own — what is the perfect present for her daughter’s 12th birthday?

Source: ABC

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Jeri Ryan To Appear In Warehouse 13

Still on hiatus, but I was delighted to read on Jeri’s twitter that she’ll be in an episode of Warehouse 13:

This is her tweet about it:

On the road (or air!) again, on my way to Toronto to shoot an ep of #WAREHOUSE13. And made it thru security unmolested this time! Score!!

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Info on Jeri Ryan’s Appearance On CSI: Criminal Intent

TVLine has revelead more info on Jeri Ryan’s appearance on Law & Order: Criminal Intent:

Also guesting on one of Law & Order: CI‘s final eight episodes is Jeri Ryan, as a former CIA official who has started a private security company worth hundreds of millions. This no-nonsense businesswoman also is harboring a secret.

Having previously taught school at Boston Public and traveled aboard Star Trek: Voyager, Ryan also can be seen going toe-to-toe with Dana Delany on the new ABC procedural Body of Proof, premiering March 29.

So she plays a different character than in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit where she plays a defense attorney. According to the article, the 10th season premieres on May 1, and Jeri’s ep is one of the final eight of the season, so it’ll be a while yet before it’ll air.

And yes, I’m still on hiatus but there’s not a lot of Jeri news around so I wanted to get this up as soon as I came across it 🙂

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Jeri Ryan On Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Jeri is going to appear in an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Wonder if she’ll play her SVU character Patrice LaRue, or another one? L&0 recycles a lot of actors as different characters, so could be either one 🙂 I’ll just be happy to see her again on my tv screen! 😀

This is her tweet about it:

On my way to the airport. Again. NYC-bound this time for an ep of L&O: Criminal Intent. The 1 upside to being up so early: gorgeous sunrise!