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Q&A with Actress Jeri Ryan

I came across this great interview from… I think last year, before the premiere of Body Of Proof’s season 2:

by Deborah Mersino

I’m delighted to bring you the second installment in my new Women Living Their Dreams series. My goal is to spotlight authentic women who are impassioned about their work and willing to shed light on their professional journeys. It’s time to chat with Jeri Ryan, who currently stars as Dr. Kate Murphy on the ABC drama series Body of Proof. Perhaps best known for her iconic role as the liberated Borg, Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager, Jeri also has starred as Tara Cole on Leverage and Veronica “Ronnie” Cooke on Boston Public, and has had recurring roles on the science fiction show Dark Skies and the legal drama series Shark. Ryan played opposite Rene Zellweger and Ewan McGregor in the 2003 comedy “Down with Love,” and appeared in “Dracula 2000″ opposite Gerard Butler. She describes herself as “Mom, wife, actress, foodie, Francophile, obsessive gardener, and Twitter-addict.” I would describe her as generous, warm, and wickedly smart.

1. Many youngsters dream of becoming a Hollywood star; however, you’ve actually made that dream a reality. How did it happen?

Honestly, with a combination of preparation and luck. I had some experience acting in community theater, and then I majored in theater at Northwestern University. The education & training I got there was pretty critical in making sure I was prepared for it when I got my “break”. And that’s where a lot of luck comes in…! My Chicago agent had sent my headshot to some LA casting directors before I moved out and one of them called me in for a meeting. I read a scene for them and they called a great agent on the spot and told them they had to sign me. So I was INCREDIBLY lucky to get an agent before I even moved, which is not usually the case!

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Jeri Ryan Talks Charity

By Shane Tyler Greaves on October 22, 2012
SOURCE: Look To The Stars 

The enigmatic Jeri Ryan recently visited Australia for the first time to attend the “First Contact Convention” in Melbourne. Look To The Stars’ Shane Tyler Greaves sat down with Jeri during her Oz trek to discuss her life, her charitable contributions and of course the role that solidified her as part of Sci- fi royalty.

With a coffee in hand and smile to boot, Jeri was ready for her first Australian interview and looked genuinely thrilled to be in Australia and happy to discuss her many charity passions.

It became clear very early on in the interview that Jeri is a woman who is clearly confident, intelligent and has a strong opinion she is not afraid to express. Jeri, who is ever-present in the forefront of many charitable causes, is always careful to align herself with organizations and causes that resonate on a personal level.

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‘Body Of Proof’ Renewal: Jeri Ryan Holds Out Hope

“Body of Proof” may be on the bubble, but star Jeri Ryan (and the rest of the cast) hopes that it will be renewed for a third season.

“We’re very much on the bubble,” Ryan recently told HuffPost TV. “For our last two episodes [March 27, April 3] we’ve had great overall numbers. Our overall viewers are higher than most of the shows I’ve ever dealt with, and higher than most of the shows that are considered hits.”

Indeed, viewership for “Body of Proof” has risen to its highest levels since the beginning of the season. Its placement immediately following the “Dancing with the Stars” results show has certainly helped. For the past two weeks, ABC has secured the No. 1 position for the solid two-hour block from 9-11 p.m.

Ryan still has her fears, though, since the networks don’t necessarily look at overall viewer numbers when considering renewal.

“Our demographic numbers, which are the only things advertisers care about, are low,” says Ryan. “So, something like ‘New Girl’ gets double or triple our demographic numbers, but we get double their overall viewers. But that’s a hit, yet we’re on the bubble. It’s hard! It’s such an archaic system!”

“Body Of Proof” also towered over its timeslot competitor, “Fashion Star,” by 6 million viewers. Ryan believes it’s unfair to judge a show’s future based on viewer numbers alone, however.

“So much of the viewership now is not watching it live. They’re watching on DVR and skimming through all the ads, so it’s too bad we’re sticking to the old advertising model,” she says. “Somewhere down the line, things will have to change, but I guess for now it is what it is. We’re all hoping.”

The season two finale of “Body Of Proof” airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. on ABC.

SOURCE: Huffington Post

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‘Body of Proof’ Season 2: Jeri Ryan says Kate is still in charge

Hard-nosed Dr. Megan Hunt (Dana Delany) loosened up a bit during the freshman season of ABC’s “Body of Proof,” but all that was put in jeopardy when she found out ex-husband Todd (Jeffrey Nordling) was sleeping with her boss, Dr. Kate Murphey (Jeri Ryan).

Well, against the odds, Season 2 of the series kicks off with the usual threesome behaving quite civilly.

“Tensions get high and tempers can flare, but the bottom line is they’re professionals and adults,” Ryan told Zap2it at the Season 2 launch party. “And I’m still her boss.”

Still, it’s not exactly “Three’s Company.”

There’s a moment in the Tuesday premiere, “Love Thy Neighbor,” where Megan thinks Kate crosses a line, taking on some of her parental duties.

“Kate is sort of finding herself where she didn’t want to be,” says Ryan, “in the middle of an already tense family dynamic. And there’s a kid involved. Kate is not a mom. Kate wasn’t planning on being a mom, and now she’s shoved into this position, which isn’t incredibly comfortable for everybody.”

This no doubt spills into the medical examiner’s office, where the tension is significantly eased by upping the humor in Season 2. Episode 1 pokes plenty of jokes at Delany’s “Desperate Housewives” past, with the murder taking place at picturesque cul-de-sac populated by… swingers.

“It’s been great,” Ryan says of the show’s shifting tone. “I think the biggest change for Season 2 is that it’s a lot lighter. We’re all enjoying that. The stories and the cases have their gravity, but in real life, people have senses of humor, people enjoy themselves and people enjoy each other while they’re working.”

Yes, even when they’re working over dead bodies.

And while more humor has its perks, the real joy for Ryan has been the filming location. After shooting the first season in Rhode Island, production was recently moved to Los Angeles.

“It’s heaven,” says Ryan, who admits she actually cried when she heard the news. “I’ve got two kids and a husband here. I was commuting from Rhode Island — which is a rough, brutal commute.”

At 3,000 miles, we’re inclined to agree. You can catch a jet-lag-free Jeri Ryan on Season 2 of “Body of Proof,” which premieres tonight (Sept. 20), at 10:00 p.m. ET, on ABC.

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Warehouse 13 and Life with Jeri Ryan

A new interview with Jeri! 😀

SOURCE: The Deadbolt

Although fan science fiction fans know actress Jeri Ryan from her memorable role as Borg Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager, Ryan steps into the Syfy world of Warehouse 13 on Monday, August 1 at 9pm. In the Warehouse 13 episode called “Queen for a Day,” Ryan portrays Amanda, whose planned fairy tale wedding is derailed when exposure to a Warehouse 13 artifact threatens her life. Interestingly, Jeri Ryan steps into the Warehouse 13 guest shoes of a Marine with close ties to Eddie McClintock’s Pete Lattimer character.

Now that Warehouse 13 is in full season swing on Syfy, Jeri Ryan joins guest stars Rene Auberjonois, Jaime Murray, Sasha Roiz, Faran Tahir, Lindsay Wagner and Ashley Williams.

Ahead of Warehouse 13 and “Queen for a Day,” TheDeadbolt spent a few Syfy moments with Jeri Ryan to get the guest scoop on her character, what she loves about Warehouse 13, balancing comedy with drama, and why Ryan loves TV more than film.

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