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Shark canceled

Although CBS will present its fall primetime schedule tomorrow only, several media outlets are reporting that Shark has been official canceled. The showrunners have been notified about Shark’s fate (so I’m guessing Jeri and the rest of the cast as well).  Thanks for the last two years for everyone involved on the show. Jeri, even if working way too little screen time in season 1, did a terrific job. Here’s hoping for something new and great for future roles as soon as she decides to go back to work.

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Jeri does Charity

Famous parents donated their used baby items to Johnson’s Celebrity Hand Me Down Auction, which will benefit such charities as March of Dimes, Save the Children, Zero to Three and Baby Buggy. The online auction begins April 29 and ends May 9.”

According to the Associated Press, Jeri is also participating in the auction, among the likes of Matt Damon, Mariska Hargitay and Julianne Moore.

The auction will be available on Ebay where anyone can bid for the items. Although the auction has yet to begin, you can sign up for e-mail notification. The url is:

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Serving a side of celebrity

While Jeri has been busy with her new baby, Gisele, a recent article (prompted by the latest celeb joining a group of stars opening a restaurant, Eva Longoria Parker) includes her along with Christophe. The article brings the couple as a good example, and most of all Jeri due to her well known status, regarding being so hands on and successful with Ortolan.

Serving a side of celebrity
by Natalie Haughton

Glitz, glamorous, enticing atmosphere, a hotlocation and great food are one thing, but a celebrity name can make a restaurant a star… When they invest, some celebs are involved to varying degrees. Some are hands on, others not… There’s more to operating a restaurant than just names and buzz. Famous celebrity investors don’t guarantee success. Restaurants must deliver appealing decor, good food, professional service and, hopefully, a memorable dining experience.

“So many times with these celebrity restaurants, the celebrity is just a front person (that)or a passive investor and the public-relations people build a whole promomtional campaign around that person’s name recognition,” says Richard Martin, executive editor of Nation’s Restaurant News. “Often these people are just one piece of the puzzle. If you can attract star-struck tourists with the buzz about the celebrity owner, that might work in the short term, but then word spreads that the celebrity really isn’t there, and the restaurant has to live or die on its own merit,” he adds. When restaurants are hyped up, you often can’t depend on what they deliver.

“People have the wrong perception and equate a celebrity with someone like a Wolfgang Puck who actually knows the business.”

The one that breaks the mold in terms of gaining attention and hands-on success is Jeri Ryan (“Shark”), Martin says. She and her husband, chef Christophe Eme, formerly of L’Orangerie, started Ortolan – it received one star from Michelin recently – and she was involved in getting the restaurant off the ground.

“It’s very helpful to have an owner that understands the restaurant business. If the person whose money is backing the venture doesn’t really understand the restaurant business, it can be difficult to execute the necessary cost controls and management fundamentals and the oversight of the kitchen,” points out Martin.

You can read the full article over HERE or in our Press Archive.

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Ian Wants Jeri Back

This week’s TV Guide (US version) has a major coverage of all TV Shows returning afterIan Biederman the long hiatus due to the WGA strike. Ian Biederman (pictured), creator of Shark, spoke to TV Guide about the next four episodes which, as you probably know, are not going to feature Jeri. Or will they?

Aside from spilling some secrets about the last four episodes of the season, which includes mention of Paula Marshall –the temporary replacement for Jeri while she’s at home tending to baby Gisele–, they also wrote briefly about Miss Ryan. The excerpt:

Where’s Jeri? Jeri Ryan, who plays Stark’s sexy sidekick Jessica Devlin, is on maternity leave. “I would like to have her back as soon as possible, for as much as possible,” says Biederman. Who wouldn’t?

Shark is apparently on the bubble for renewal next season. While overall viewer numbers are good, CBS is supposedly not happy with the demo ratings, which puts the show at risk. (Despite CBS head Les Moonves’ declaration that they like their older audience, the network is not happy that most of Shark’s viewers are outside of the targeted 18-34 demographics).

Shark returns on Tuesday, April 29 at 9 PM on CBS (while the season finale will air on May 20 at 10 PM). It’s a new day and time for the show, going against the heavy competition of Dancing With The Stars as well as the last half hour of American Idol. Good luck! Fingers crossed for renewal so we get to see Jeri on a weekly basis again next fall.

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Jeri Ryan has given birth to a baby girl!

Congratulations to Jeri and her family from her fans! 😀

Actress Jeri Ryan and her husband, chef Christophe Eme, are the parents of a baby girl, the actress’s rep tells PEOPLE.

Gisele Eme was born Sunday in Los Angeles, weighing 7 lbs., 13 oz.

“Both parents are thrilled,” Ryan’s rep David Lust tells PEOPLE. “Jeri is resting comfortably and Christophe is playing the part of proud new papa quite well.”

Ryan, 40, who currently stars on the CBS drama Shark, wed French chef Eme in the Loire Valley last June. The two own hip L.A. restaurant Ortolan.

This is the couple’s first child together. Ryan also has a 13-year-old son, Alex, from a previous relationship.