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Secrets In The Walls Coming To DVD In September

Great news! 😀

STAR TREK: VOYAGER’s Jeri Ryan moves into a haunted house in SECRETS IN THE WALLS, a paranormal chiller coming to DVD in September. Read on for the details, a first look at the cover art, a photo and the trailer.

In the made-for-cable movie, Ryan plays Rachel Easton, a single mother who moves into what appears to be her dream home with her daughters Lizzie (Kay Panabaker, younger sister of genre regular Danielle) and Molly (BEREAVEMENT’s Peyton List). But they haven’t been there long before strange sounds and sights make it clear the place has a ghost problem, and Rachel has to uncover the secrets of its past to save herself and her daughters. SECRETS arrives on disc September 20 from Vivendi Entertainment, with a widescreen transfer and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, with no special features announced. Retail price is $14.99.


SOURCE: Fangoria

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DVD Release Of Body of Proof – Complete 1st Season

ABC and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment have announced the DVD release of Body Of Proof’s first season. It is scheduled for on Semtember 20, 2011. No mention of a Bluray release, so I don’t know if it’ll be available too or not.

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Dark Skies On DVD!

It’s official, Dark Skies really have been released on Region 2 DVD! I got my copy today 😀

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Dark Skies Heading To DVD

I’m very excited!! Dark Skies is to be realised on DVD!!! 😀

Mediumrare Entertainment have announced the UK release of several TV on DVD box-sets in September and October…

Dark Skies: The Complete Series – £39.99 RRP – 18th October 2010
Dark Skies was a government UFO conspiracy theory based sci-fi drama from the US which originally aired in 1996 for 18 episodes plus a two hour pilot. Features include:

* All 18 full length episodes on 6 discs
* Two – Hour Pilot ‘The Awakening’
* Behind the scenes interviews
* Audio Commentary with Bryce Zabel & Eric Close
* Stills Gallery
* Concept Art Gallery

Dark Skies is one of my all-time favorite tv series, and the one that made me a fan of Jeri Ryan. The character she plays, Juliet Stuart, is still after all these years my favorite from all the characters she has played.

There were plans for a DVD release a few years ago but it fell through because of expensive music lisences needed. I had accepted that it’d never ever see a DVD release and that VHS and lousy quality digi-tv rips would ever be all that there is. I hope this one happens and doesn’t fall through for any reason!