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Shark 1.01-1.06 Screencaps

I’ve been re-watching Shark season 1 in 1080p because it’s been way too hot to do anything requiring actual brain power. All the old screencaps caps are 1280×720 at best, and lot of them lower than that so I re-capped episodes 1.01-1.06 in 1920×1080 😀

It’s really fun seeing Jeri in business/business casual clothing :mrgreen:

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Another I Heart Jeri Ryan Batch Uploaded!

I’ve added another batch of content from I Heart Jeri Ryan 🙂

HQ Bosch still:

Screencaps from Boston Legal (1080p), Dark Skies missing episodes and Diagnosis: Murder episode 3.16 Murder By The Book.

You can see the newly updated/added albums on the gallery page first thing.

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Gallery Update

First batch of content from I Heart Jeri Ryan is now up! Most notably screencaps from movies Dead Lines, Ambush In Waco, Down With Love and The Kid .

The best way to see all the new additions is to browse yesterday’s uploads.