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Photos Update

Re-uploaded a number of photos that had gotten corrupt over the years, and added some additional photos for an event.

The best way to see these is to browse by date. A few samples below…

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Gallery Re-Structure Finished!

I’ve finished re-structuring the gallery! Yay! *happy dance*

All television series materials are now found under Television, and all movies materials under Movies. So if you’re looking for photos and/or screencaps from the tv series Shark, they’ll be under Television -> Shark. Likewise, if you’re looking for photos and/or screencaps from the movie Down With Love, they’re both under Movies -> Down With Love.

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The Sentinel 3.23 Sentinel Too, Part 1 Screencaps

Last weekend I discovered, to my delight, that The Sentinel has been released on DVD 😀 I’d given up hope! So here are DVD screencaps from Jeri’s first episode, 3.23 Sentinel Too, Part 1. Screencaps from 4×01 will go up as soon as the season 4 DVD box arrives.

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