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Tumblr Edits

Added Tumblr edits I’ve made – the ones from The Sentinel are from last year, and Body Of Proof  are new. Click on the thumbnail to see the actual size. You can all of them at the Edits page.

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Gallery Update

Added 55 photos to the gallery that have been sitting on my HD for ages: two on-the-set pics from Dead Lines, a few screencaps from the 1991 tv show The Flash episode 1.16 Deadly Nightshade, two photos of Jeri attending the LA Premiere Of Pure Flix’s ‘Woodlawn’ After Party in 2015 and also a bunch of wallpapers. The best way to see all the new additions is to browse by date.

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I can’t believe it but I created some wallpapers back in 2009-2011… and never uploaded them here! *head desk* So here they are now! Seven Of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager and Juliet Stuart from Dark Skies.