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The Sentinel 4.01 Sentinel Too, Part 2 Video Clips

I’ve added video clips from the episode to the video site 🙂 You can see all 10 clips here.

The Sentinel 4.01 Sentinel Too, Part 2 – Clip 1 of 10

NOTE: made changes to their ads policy, requiring three ads in the gallery. I think that’s too much, so I moved the site to my personal hosting account yesterday (Saturday 14th). We’re still hosted by a web host specializing in fansites (even though they aren’t a free host and so I’m paying them to host me just like I would and have any regular web host before) so they hopefully do and should understand special circumstances of a fansites (things like having a lot of pics in the gallery that don’t necessarily get visitors looking at them a lot but that the space is not used for file storage despite that, INODE amounts etc.). If you’re noticing any wonkiness today or tomorrow, it’s just the new DNS data still propagating. That can take up to 78 hours.