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‘Body of Proof’ Spoilers: Looking Ahead to Season 3 with Dana Delany

Body of Proof has been on hiatus for a couple of months already because it ended its season early, but the series will return with a season three in the fall. There were some changes in the making when the series wrapped its second season. More cases and more action to help balance out the medical drama in the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office.

Jeri Ryan and Dana Delany are the two ladies in charge on this series, and they shared some insight for the season to come with E! Online on Wednesday. Fans can expect more action. that is one thing for sure. The ladies shared the following Body of Proof spoilers:

“I understand there’s going to be a little more action, a little more excitement,” Jeri Ryan shared, while Dana Delany said, “We ended with a cliffhanger, so we don’t know what’s going to happen with my assistant Peter. That was very action-packed, and I think people liked that. ABC liked that, so there’s going to be a little more heightened stakes next season.”

This series was suspected to be on ABC’s to-be-canceled roster when its season ended. The fact it was renewed surprised many. This series has decent ratings, but nothing too over the top in comparison to the other series on the network. ABC is home to Grey’s Anatomy and Once Upon A Time after all.

This is a good solid show with great acting and characters you can find yourself attached to. Are you excited to see what is in store for Megan Hunt and her team?



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