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Another Gallery Update

A curiosity from the past, from when the Star Trek Voyager episode Retrespect aired… another Jeri fan sent me a newspaper scan: 

B&W advertisement from a local newspaper…it was in their TV Guide section… it is from the original week that the STV episode aired on Channel 33 here in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida


 And also, screencaps from Body Of Proof episode 2.15 Occupational Hazards are up!

thumb_ariane179254_BodyOfProof_2x15_OccupationalHazards_0007.jpg thumb_ariane179254_BodyOfProof_2x15_OccupationalHazards_0032.jpg thumb_ariane179254_BodyOfProof_2x15_OccupationalHazards_0355.jpg thumb_ariane179254_BodyOfProof_2x15_OccupationalHazards_0232.jpg

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