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Forum Upgrade & New Spam Prevention Mod

SMF has finally reached a stable version, and I have installed it :) Unfortunately the previous spam prevention mod hasn’t been updated to work with this stable version yet, so I had to install a different mod. If you experience any problems using the forum, whether it’s registering in or posting or anything, let me know at [email protected] and I’ll look for another solution!

Also, I think there’s a little problem with the theme on the new post page, the write box seems to continue beyond the right margin. I’ll look into it and in the meanwhile, just use <enter> to cut the line when you write and don’t see it anymore. It’ll can make the rows cut off oddly when viewing a post, but better that than write blind, I think. Clear your cache – that should solve it!

The navigation to other parts of the site is now available in the main menu at the top.


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