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Law & Order: CI Screencaps And Video Clips

I’ve uploaded screencaps and video clips of Jeri guest-starring in Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode 10.03 Boots On The Ground.

thumb_ariane179254_LawAndOrder_CI_10x03_BootsOnTheGround_0048.jpg thumb_ariane179254_LawAndOrder_CI_10x03_BootsOnTheGround_0063.jpg thumb_ariane179254_LawAndOrder_CI_10x03_BootsOnTheGround_0212.jpg thumb_ariane179254_LawAndOrder_CI_10x03_BootsOnTheGround_0349.jpg thumb_ariane179254_LawAndOrder_CI_10x03_BootsOnTheGround_0360.jpg

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On a personal note, I really enjoyed seeing Jeri in two different shows in one week 😀 I needed that distraction with what’s going on with my Mom.