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Body Of Proof Picked Up For Season 2

Body Of Proof has been picked up for another season!

Source: zap2it
As ABC continues to dole out the good and bad news during its Upfronts press conference Friday (May 13), the stars of freshman drama series “Body of Proof” have reason to be grateful as it has been picked up for Season 2.
“Thank you with all my heart to all of you for helping [‘Body of Proof’] get a second season,” star Dana Delany tweets. “I’ll be celebrating in NOLA tonight! As usual.”
There was little doubt in the industry that “Body of Proof” would return as it typically wins its hour in total viewers reaching more than 10 million viewers consistently, making it one of ABC’s few new drama success stories in a while.
“Well this day just got infinitely better,” tweetsJeri Ryan, who plays Dr. Kate Murphey. “[‘Body of Proof’] got picked up for a 2nd season!! THANK YOU to all of u for watching!!”
The actress then happily tweets that the show will shoot in Los Angeles rather than in Rhode Island as it did in Season 1.
Zap2it requested confirmation on the move, but ABC wasn’t able to return our request by the time this article published.
We also spoke to Nicholas Bishop, who plays Peter Dunlop, earlier Friday before the official announcement was made and asked him how he felt about the inevitability that the show would be picked up.
“I feel really good about that,” Bishop joked. “I like working. Employment is a wonderful thing. I’m in line with most of those people given the numbers, given the comments that people make constantly about the show and the buzz around it, and the fact that I don’t think it’s like any other show that’s out there.”
“You can’t deny the likeability of Dana [Delany],” he adds of the series’ star. “She’s just such a powerful person to watch and I think people will tune in purely because of that. So, I would love to see another season, because we have such a great time together and I think it’s a really good show.”
Are you excited “Body of Proof” is returning for another season?

In addition, according to Jeri herself, the second season will be shot in Los Angeles.
@JeriLRyan Jeri Ryan
And to make good news even better, we’ll be SHOOTING IN LA!!!! My 1st job in 2yrs at HOME!!! I might cry. 🙂


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  1. whats the date that season 2 will start? any ideas? im dying to see the show again!!!

  2. yeh love it and not just because of Dana and Jeri it reminds mi of a female quincy….

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