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Dark Skies Heading To DVD

I’m very excited!! Dark Skies is to be realised on DVD!!! 😀

Mediumrare Entertainment have announced the UK release of several TV on DVD box-sets in September and October…

Dark Skies: The Complete Series – £39.99 RRP – 18th October 2010
Dark Skies was a government UFO conspiracy theory based sci-fi drama from the US which originally aired in 1996 for 18 episodes plus a two hour pilot. Features include:

* All 18 full length episodes on 6 discs
* Two – Hour Pilot ‘The Awakening’
* Behind the scenes interviews
* Audio Commentary with Bryce Zabel & Eric Close
* Stills Gallery
* Concept Art Gallery

Dark Skies is one of my all-time favorite tv series, and the one that made me a fan of Jeri Ryan. The character she plays, Juliet Stuart, is still after all these years my favorite from all the characters she has played.

There were plans for a DVD release a few years ago but it fell through because of expensive music lisences needed. I had accepted that it’d never ever see a DVD release and that VHS and lousy quality digi-tv rips would ever be all that there is. I hope this one happens and doesn’t fall through for any reason!