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More on Jeri’s appearance on Leverage

More information’s emerging about Jeri’s upcoming appearance on TNT’s Leverage. According to multiple sources, Jeri will be playing a character named Tara, and will star in a handful of episodes of the second part of the upcoming season. Her episodes will air (or at least will begin airing) in December.

The producers of the show had the following to say about Jeri and her guest stint:

Chris Downey:  Jeri has a different energy to the show. We’re envisioning her more as sweet smart. She’s a grifter friend of Sophie’s. The thing we discovered last year, it was nice to mix up the dynamics of the team a bit. We had Nate’s ex-wife (played by Cari Matchett), who gave the team just a little jolt of energy by changing the dynamics a little bit.

John Rogers : If there’s one summary in the difference between Sophie’s character and Tara, Jeri Ryan’s character — Sophie is the classic European grifter: Art. Inheritance. Tiaras. Diamonds. Where Tara is really seen as the classic crime world American grifter: briefcases full of $100 dollar bills, exploding Russian freighters – that sort of thing. There is definitely a different style between the two of them, which allows us to play the cons slightly different and really mix up the energy.

To read the source and to find out more about the show, click HERE.


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