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Ian Wants Jeri Back

This week’s TV Guide (US version) has a major coverage of all TV Shows returning afterIan Biederman the long hiatus due to the WGA strike. Ian Biederman (pictured), creator of Shark, spoke to TV Guide about the next four episodes which, as you probably know, are not going to feature Jeri. Or will they?

Aside from spilling some secrets about the last four episodes of the season, which includes mention of Paula Marshall –the temporary replacement for Jeri while she’s at home tending to baby Gisele–, they also wrote briefly about Miss Ryan. The excerpt:

Where’s Jeri? Jeri Ryan, who plays Stark’s sexy sidekick Jessica Devlin, is on maternity leave. “I would like to have her back as soon as possible, for as much as possible,” says Biederman. Who wouldn’t?

Shark is apparently on the bubble for renewal next season. While overall viewer numbers are good, CBS is supposedly not happy with the demo ratings, which puts the show at risk. (Despite CBS head Les Moonves’ declaration that they like their older audience, the network is not happy that most of Shark’s viewers are outside of the targeted 18-34 demographics).

Shark returns on Tuesday, April 29 at 9 PM on CBS (while the season finale will air on May 20 at 10 PM). It’s a new day and time for the show, going against the heavy competition of Dancing With The Stars as well as the last half hour of American Idol. Good luck! Fingers crossed for renewal so we get to see Jeri on a weekly basis again next fall.


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