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Added two photos from the Sudbury tv series pilot from 2004 that was never picked to series, to the gallery.

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I’ve added screencaps from Against The Wild II – Survive The Serengeti to the gallery 🙂

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Any geek worth his salt has had a crush on Jeri Ryan at one point or another. I guess I could rephrase: any man, period. Jeri has been working steadily in the entertainment industry since 1991, but I think we all know when she truly burst onto the scene: 1997, when she portrayed Borg drone Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager, a character that made even non-sci-fi fans pay attention. After playing the character for four seasons, Jeri moved on to countless film in television roles, to list them all would take a whole lot of time. Bottom line is, if you’ve turned on your TV in the last 20 years, you’ve almost certainly seen Jeri’s gorgeous face grace the screen.

Now, Jeri can be seen in Amazon’s Bosch, playing a sultry femme fatale, and on the opposite side of the spectrum, is featured in AGAINST THE WILD 2 – SURVIVE THE SERENGETI, a family film in which she portrays a mom concerned about her two children, who are lost in wilds of Africa. We spoke about her new PG-rated project, working in Africa, her years on Star Trek (and those passionate Trekkies) and how her views on acting are different now than they were years ago.

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Against The Wild II: Survive The Serengeti is now available on iTunes (USA). Added these two pics to the gallery:

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Jeri Ryan has got to be the only ex-Borg in Encino who lives the French country life.

The former “Star Trek: Voyager” actress, who played Borg Seven of Nine from 1997 to 2001 on the popular TV series, owns a sprawling six-bedroom spread that she and husband Christophe Emé designed to resemble a farmhouse in Provence. After living in the home for 15 years, they’re now selling it for an asking price of $7 million.

Ryan’s post-“Trek” life has led to television roles on “Shark,” “Boston Legal” and to her current character of Veronica Allen on the Amazon-produced police detective show “Bosch.”

She lives with Emé, a Frenchman and former competitor on the TV show “Iron Chef America: The Series,” and daughter, Gisele. (Her son, Alex, is grown and out of the house.)

What is your favorite room?

It’s our great room. This is the one my husband and I designed during the year before our wedding. So in addition to the style, there’s admittedly a bit of sentimental bias.

Can you take me on a visual tour of what makes this room so special?

The main focal points of the room are the big timber beams on the ceiling and the massive stone fireplace, engraved with the year 1755, from France. Gotta love a fireplace you can walk inside!

What do you use the room for?

Mostly when we entertain. And it’s my husband’s hangout room for watching French TV. That’s the room that has French satellite television.

Is there a special piece of art or furniture or anything in the room?

The one touch that is decidedly not authentic is a souvenir from my days on “Star Trek: Voyager.” I have a piece of the actual set, my “Borg” alcove. It’s a tad … well, big, so this was the only room where it really fit.

Did you design this room? We know you went with the French country look, but what was the thinking behind this room?

Christophe and I looked at literally hundreds of magazines and books about France and specifically Provence, pulling images and ideas. Then our designer, Adaline Fagen of Espace Design [in Santa Monica], really pulled it all together. We wanted it to look like a hundreds-of-years-old farmhouse in Provence.

Any crazy story about something that happened in the house or with buying the house?

I drove the poor stone guys crazy obsessing over exactly how the stones had to be placed in the stone wall to make it look authentic.

Now you’re ready to part with the place?

When I bought the house, I wanted a compound … a place for [my son] if he needed it or for my parents if they needed it. But now there’s no point in having a huge compound for the three of us. We’re ready for a change.


You can see the listing and photos of the estate here.

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