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I added the conventions Jeri’s mentioned and/or I could find her listed as a guest at to the sidebar, with a link to each event’s website.

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Many “Star Trek” fans consider “Star Trek: Voyager” to be one of the lesser series in the franchise, paling in comparison to the original or to the fan favorite “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Two years into the series, perhaps in an attempt to “sexualize” the show, the relatively unknown Jeri Ryan was cast on “Voyager” as the emotionless, yet sexy Borg, Seven of Nine.

The move was a successful one, and fans enjoyed watching Seven grow from a robotic assimilator into a human being. In fact, her storyline was the most comprehensive and in-depth of all the characters. Her skintight outfit probably helped, too. Set to appear at Toronto’s Comic Con, Ryan spoke with HuffPost TV about that outfit, the alleged animosity between her and co-star Kate Mulgrew and why she signed on to “Voyager” in the first place.

Do you still look back fondly on your “Star Trek” days?
I do. Some parts more than others, but yeah, she was a great character to play. As an actor, that’s really a gift. She had a huge development arc — she didn’t even start out human! [Laughs.] That’s a lot of growth over four years.

Do you ever catch an episode of “Voyager” these days? And if you do, what are your thoughts about yourself back then?
I haven’t seen an episode in years, actually, and I usually only see snippets or pictures. It’s kind of funny because it feels so long ago. Oddly, in a way, it also feels like yesterday.

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I’ve added 40+ new photos to the gallery. You can see the full set here.

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If you’re a Body Of Proof fan and want to help to get the series renewed, there’s a campaign going on to achieve just that: Visit the site to lean what you can do!

They are also active on Twitter:!/Season3forBOP

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“Body of Proof” may be on the bubble, but star Jeri Ryan (and the rest of the cast) hopes that it will be renewed for a third season.

“We’re very much on the bubble,” Ryan recently told HuffPost TV. “For our last two episodes [March 27, April 3] we’ve had great overall numbers. Our overall viewers are higher than most of the shows I’ve ever dealt with, and higher than most of the shows that are considered hits.”

Indeed, viewership for “Body of Proof” has risen to its highest levels since the beginning of the season. Its placement immediately following the “Dancing with the Stars” results show has certainly helped. For the past two weeks, ABC has secured the No. 1 position for the solid two-hour block from 9-11 p.m.

Ryan still has her fears, though, since the networks don’t necessarily look at overall viewer numbers when considering renewal.

“Our demographic numbers, which are the only things advertisers care about, are low,” says Ryan. “So, something like ‘New Girl’ gets double or triple our demographic numbers, but we get double their overall viewers. But that’s a hit, yet we’re on the bubble. It’s hard! It’s such an archaic system!”

“Body Of Proof” also towered over its timeslot competitor, “Fashion Star,” by 6 million viewers. Ryan believes it’s unfair to judge a show’s future based on viewer numbers alone, however.

“So much of the viewership now is not watching it live. They’re watching on DVR and skimming through all the ads, so it’s too bad we’re sticking to the old advertising model,” she says. “Somewhere down the line, things will have to change, but I guess for now it is what it is. We’re all hoping.”

The season two finale of “Body Of Proof” airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. on ABC.

SOURCE: Huffington Post

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