Jul 24,2015

Jeri Ryan To Guest-Star On Arrow

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Jeri Ryan is coming to The CW’s “Arrow,” Access Hollywood can exclusively reveal.

The “Star Trek: Voyager” alum will guest star in the second episode of Season 4.

Jeri will play Jessica Danforth in the episode, a friend of the Queen family. Her political ambitions will place her in the crosshairs of a menacing antagonist, Access has learned.

Jeri recently appeared on Syfy’s “Helix” and TNT’s “Major Crimes.”Season 4 of “Arrow,” which stars Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/Arrow, David Ramsey as John Diggle, Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak, Willa Holland as Thea Queen, Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance, Paul Blackthorne as Quentin Lance and John Barrowman as Malcolm Merlyn (the new Ra’s al Ghul), is currently in production in Vancouver.

Jeri’s episode airs October 14 on The CW.

SOURCE: Access Hollywood

Jul 21,2015

Major Crimes 4.06 Personal Effects Screencaps

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I’ve added screencaps of Jeri from the Major Crimes episode 4.06 Personal Effects to the gallery:

Gallery: Home > Screencaps > TV Series > Major Crimes > 4.06 Personal Effects

Jul 14,2015

Major Crimes Appearance

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Jeri was in last night’s Major Crimes, episode 4.06 Personal Effects. I’ll add caps as soon as possible, but it may take a day or two.

Jul 03,2015

Server Move

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We have been moved to a new server – hopefully that’ll take care of the recent outages and database problems.

The media site has been moved as well, the new url is http://videos.crystalfires.net/category.php?cat=jeriryan

Jun 30,2015

Server Problems

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The server http://www.jeri-ryan.net, http://www.james-morrison.net, http://media.morena-baccarin.net and http://media.derek-hale.com are hosted on has been experiencing problems. My host is aware and the techs are working to solve the issues.

Jun 02,2015

Jerilicious – The Jeri Ryan Fanlisting

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I’ve started getting into fanlistings again, and realised that the Jeri Ryan fanlisting I adopted out years ago had been deleted since… So naturally I had to revive it:


I had to start from scratch, without all the old members or affiliates because I didn’t have the database files anymore, so if you’re a fan of Jeri, please join!

May 11,2015

Against the Wild 2: Survive the Serengeti (2016)

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The last while Jeri’s been in South Africa filming Against the Wild 2: Survive the Serengeti (2016). Be sure to check out her Facebook and Twitter for more photos.

Apr 30,2015

Media Site

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I’ve combined the media sites of several of my fansites: the main URL is now http://media.so-obsessed.com and the videos of Jeri are in the Jeri Ryan category http://media.so-obsessed.com/category.php?cat=jeriryan

Apr 28,2015

9th Annual BritWeek Red Carpet Launch Photos

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12 MQ photos of Jeri attending the 9th Annual BritWeek Red Carpet Launch on the 21st are up in the gallery :)

http://gallery.jeri-ryan.net/albums/Photos/Events/2015/9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015/thumb_9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015_0002.jpg http://gallery.jeri-ryan.net/albums/Photos/Events/2015/9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015/thumb_9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015_0001.jpg http://gallery.jeri-ryan.net/albums/Photos/Events/2015/9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015/thumb_9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015_0003.jpg http://gallery.jeri-ryan.net/albums/Photos/Events/2015/9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015/thumb_9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015_0004.jpg http://gallery.jeri-ryan.net/albums/Photos/Events/2015/9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015/thumb_9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015_0006.jpg http://gallery.jeri-ryan.net/albums/Photos/Events/2015/9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015/thumb_9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015_0005.jpg http://gallery.jeri-ryan.net/albums/Photos/Events/2015/9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015/thumb_9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015_0007.jpg http://gallery.jeri-ryan.net/albums/Photos/Events/2015/9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015/thumb_9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015_0008.jpg http://gallery.jeri-ryan.net/albums/Photos/Events/2015/9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015/thumb_9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015_0010.jpg http://gallery.jeri-ryan.net/albums/Photos/Events/2015/9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015/thumb_9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015_0009.jpg http://gallery.jeri-ryan.net/albums/Photos/Events/2015/9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015/thumb_9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015_0011.jpg http://gallery.jeri-ryan.net/albums/Photos/Events/2015/9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015/thumb_9thAnnualBritWeekRedCarpetLaunchApril212015_0012.jpg

Feb 25,2015

NCIS Video Clips

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Uploaded video clips of Jeri’s scenes from the NCIS episode 12.11 Check.

NCIS 12.11 Check 1 of 5

You can see & download all five clips here.