Oct 10,2014

More Star Trek Experience Photos

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I’ve added 8 additional photos of Jeri Ryan at the Star Trek Experience in London:

thumb_StarTrekExperienceOctober32014_0012.jpg thumb_StarTrekExperienceOctober32014_0011.jpg thumb_StarTrekExperienceOctober32014_0013.jpg thumb_StarTrekExperienceOctober32014_0014.jpg thumb_StarTrekExperienceOctober32014_0015.jpg thumb_StarTrekExperienceOctober32014_0016.jpg thumb_StarTrekExperienceOctober32014_0017.jpg thumb_StarTrekExperienceOctober32014_0018.jpg

Oct 04,2014

Star Trek Experience Photos

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I have added photos of Jeri Ryan at the London Star Trek Experience yesterday:

thumb_StarTrekExperienceOctober32014_0002.jpg thumb_StarTrekExperienceOctober32014_0001.jpg thumb_StarTrekExperienceOctober32014_0004.jpg thumb_StarTrekExperienceOctober32014_0003.jpg thumb_StarTrekExperienceOctober32014_0005.jpg thumb_StarTrekExperienceOctober32014_0006.jpg thumb_StarTrekExperienceOctober32014_0007.jpg thumb_StarTrekExperienceOctober32014_0008.jpg thumb_StarTrekExperienceOctober32014_0009.jpg thumb_StarTrekExperienceOctober32014_0010.jpg

Jun 23,2014

Reading Rainbow Live

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Jeri Ryan is participating in the Reading Rainbow Live. She will be a part of a couple “The Women of Star Trek” evenings
(one in NYC, one in LA), intended for children. To find out more, visit the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter.

Jun 07,2014

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards Photos

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Realized I didn’t have any photos from The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards – Backstage – Day 2 (February 8, 2013) up, so uploaded these. They’re not HQ, but better than nothing – I’ll add HQ ones later if I can find them.

thumb_The55thAnnualGRAMMYAwards-Backstage-Day2February82013_0002_LQ.jpg thumb_The55thAnnualGRAMMYAwards-Backstage-Day2February82013_0001_LQ.jpg thumb_The55thAnnualGRAMMYAwards-Backstage-Day2February82013_0003_LQ.jpg thumb_The55thAnnualGRAMMYAwards-Backstage-Day2February82013_0004_LQ.jpg thumb_The55thAnnualGRAMMYAwards-Backstage-Day2February82013_0005_LQ.jpg

May 12,2014

Helix 1.08 Bloodline Screencaps

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I’ve uploaded screencaps of Jeri Ryan from Helix episode 1.08 Bloodline to the gallery.

Gallery: Home > Screencaps > TV Series > Helix > 1.08 Bloodline

Apr 23,2014

Warehouse 13 Episode Stills

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I’ve added 6 HQ episode stills featuring Jeri Ryan in the Warehouse 13 episode 3.04 Queen For A Day.

thumb_Warehouse13_EpisodeStills_Season3_3x04_QueenForADay_0002.jpg thumb_Warehouse13_EpisodeStills_Season3_3x04_QueenForADay_0001.jpg thumb_Warehouse13_EpisodeStills_Season3_3x04_QueenForADay_0003.jpg thumb_Warehouse13_EpisodeStills_Season3_3x04_QueenForADay_0004.jpg thumb_Warehouse13_EpisodeStills_Season3_3x04_QueenForADay_0005.jpg thumb_Warehouse13_EpisodeStills_Season3_3x04_QueenForADay_0006.jpg

Mar 27,2014

Gallery Update

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I have replaced this photo with a HQ version:

Mar 20,2014

Helix Q&A: Jeri Ryan and Steve Maeda Talk Forthcoming Answers, Upping the Gore, Season 2, and Lots More

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This interview with Jeri Ryan and Helix’s exec producer/showrunner Steve Maeda was published while I was in the hospital, so I’m  a bit late posting it but better late than never!

Syfy hosted a Q&A with “Helix” guest star Jeri Ryan and exec producer/showrunner Steve Maeda last week, and they revealed quite a bit about what’s ahead now that Constance Sutton (Ryan) has arrived in the Arctic.

Things kick off with some discussion about Sutton, who she really is and her motives, and then we hear about topics ranging from the likelihood of a second season, Jeri’s love of gore, how long they can keep up the series’ intensity, Hatake’s obsession with Walker, the current state of genre TV, and much, much more.

If you’re a fan of the show and/or Ryan (whose appearance as Ilaria’s corporate “face” first occurred this past Friday night in Episode 1.07, “Survivor Zero,” and will continue in future eps), you’ll want to grab your morning coffee or tea and settle in for a bit.

It’s President’s Day; you don’t have to work anyway, right? There’s a lot of good stuff here!

Q: When we first see Sutton, she pretends to be this nice woman who’s there to help, and we learn pretty quickly that’s not true. Can you talk about playing the more cold, calculated side of the character?

Jeri Ryan: She was just fun. This was a really fun role to play because it’s… she’s kind of out there. You know, she’s not subtle, which I love. So it was fun to just sort of let go and just really play and let her go to those places… that was a treat as an actor.

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Mar 04,2014

Helix 1.07 Survivor Zero Screencaps

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I’ve upload screencaps of Jeri Ryan from Helix episode 1.07 Survivor Zero to the gallery :)

 Gallery: Home > Screencaps > TV Series > Helix > 1.07 Survivor Zero

Feb 20,2014

Helix Episode Stills Update

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Wanted to do something small to update, was happy to see we had 3 new stills from Helix released while I was in the hospital, so here they are :)